About Us

Vison and Values

We consider our company a software engineering factory. We love to design, code and deliver useful stuff for people, stuff we would like to use.

We have a drive within ourselves to always make things better, to improve, to visualize, to add or to create new functions and interactions. It’s a joy to do the thing you like and we are blessed to have the opportunity to find it and to express it.

We guide our work by the following principles:


We dislike mediocrity. We make sure our developers write only quality and clean code. Testing is part of the development process all the way. This results in better software products.


Working in agile style, we understand our priorities better and we are able to focus on the most important things and we act as a whole, delivering the projects at the highest standards.


We encourage our employees to take initiative and speak up. We adopted an error-embracing environment to empower the team members to make decisions on their own.


Our clients choose to work with us because they trust us. They come back to us or recommend us to others because we proved to be reliable and trustworthy


We don’t make compromises when it comes to the quality and usability of the products we deliver. If it pleases our eyes and we enjoy using it, we’re happy! We each project / product we launch we try to add also technical or design innovations.


Our employees attend technical and software events and work in a collaborative learning environment. By working in small teams, sometimes even “pair programming” they learn fast about each other’s technical expertise.


We are a very diverse team but the one thing we have in common is that we are passionate about what we do. We are united both when we face challenges and also when we celebrate success. We are adventurous, creative, open-minded.


Simplicity is about making something easier to understand for the final user. We all know simple when we see it but simplicity is hard to achieve. Providing less options leads to a greater chance that any one option will be chosen.

Deliver results

We put all our efforts in delivering quality projects & products so that our clients will be very satisfied with our work can recommend us to other partners. With every project we deliver for a customer, we ask ourselves:


What do we innovate with this project?


Is this the best design and user experience possible?


How do we make life easier for a user or customer?

Give more

Did we offer our customer all that he needed and a little bit more?


Is the product simple enough to use? Is it intuitive?


Did we fit our work in the budget we planned with the client?

If the answer to the questions above is positive, we consider our work on the project satisfying.