The People



We treasure our employees and try to offer them a pleasant work environment where they can relax and bring out the best of what they have to offer.

Our office is an open space meant to encourage direct communication between the team members. Private or personal discussions can be held in separate rooms specially designed for that.

We encourage intuition and creativity that bring innovation and beauty to our products.


Ionuț Munteanu

Founder and Partner at iConsult

As the company’s founder and CEO, Ionuț is setting the direction that we follow: product concepts, markets to go out for. He’s advocating for efficient management and productivity strategies, for new businesses and new technological horizons.

With more than 12 years of experience in software development, he’s the guy that puts all of us together to deliver the work.


Andrei Luca

CTO & Managing Partner

Andrei is the CTO and partner in our company. His talent and inner motivation for coding useful stuff for people are the strengths that are making him our technical leader.

Andrei’s expertise in architecture and experience with lots of technologies, frameworks and APIs drove us to a company that is constantly evolving and creating new software platforms and products.


Oana Munteanu

Art Director

She works closely with the other designers and marketing persons to create a vision for the services and products we provide. She always up-to-date with the design trends.

Oana generates creative ideas and concepts to fulfil the client's brief and pitches creative ideas to our customers. She's surrounded by great people each with amazing talent in their field of expertise.


Eugen Neagoe

Senior Programmer

Eugen is a very experienced Senior programmer who joined our team last year. He develops operations solutions by guiding development of program specifications, overseeing testing efforts, leading the programmers.

Among Eugen's responsibilities are: developing high-quality software design and architecture, identify, prioritise and execute tasks in the software development life cycle, automate tasks through appropriate tools and scripting and much more...


Ioan Rodeanu

Senior application programmer

Ioan is a very fast learner, he always surprises us with his dedication and innovations. Some of the skills that make him an excellent iOS programmer: resourcefulness, meticulous attention to detail, logical thinking, good analytical skills, problem solving skills.

His expertise ranges from Objective-C (iPhone development) to PHP. With a keen sense of humor he always gives the tone of the party.


Lidia Păduraru

Senior Programmer

Lidia is open minded, creative and patient. She has worked with all major technologies. Due to her great analytic skills, she qualifies as first person to be asked about stuff when we need to confront our ideas.

Her programming skills in PHP, RubyOnRails and database applications development are greatly valued by all of us. She likes jazz music and movies that tell a good story.


Vlad Păduraru

Medium Programmer

Very quick learner, with a mind designed for programming, Vlad specialises in Android programming, Ruby on Rails, C, Oracle.

He works to solve challenging problems on ever evolving mobile platforms. A talented programmer, Vlad developed an interest in computer programming at a young age. He works very well within a team and communicates well with colleagues.