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Medical Corp – visual identity brand

About the project:

Medical Corp imports and distributes medical equipment and medical devices, surgery and interventional radiology equipment, medical supplies, paper and printers for medical use.

The new visual identity of Medical Corp includes branding elements, such as brochure design, logo design, business cards, large outdoor prints.

With the launch of the new website, the customer needed a new visual identity. The existing corporate identity and online presence no longer represented the company and its new positioning on the market as a leader in the medical equipment business.

Logo Design

We designed a clear and simple logo as part of the corporate identity to represent the company’s visual identity.

Our visual identity design strategy was built on the brand strengths: stability, trust, quality products. The visual impact was created by the use of basic symbols and appropriate typography.

The symbol from the logo represents the brand’s initials MC in a human DNA.

The resulting visual identity design allows the brand to stand out in the targeted market.

Logo Design

Logo Design


Business Cards Design

For each team member the customer needed business cards. Our designer came up with a clean and professional design.

The business cards helped the sales representatives and business owner to present a good company image by highlighting the services provided by their company. They can also help to enhance the personal image of a businessperson.

Business Cards Design

Printed Brochure Design

The printed brochure was developed for Medical Corp sales team. It describes the products they sell and has a small description of the company. By using the brand colours and fonts, we created a brochure design that contributed to brand recognition.

Printed brochure design

Large outdoor print

Medical Corp recognises that with its role as a leading company comes a responsibility to help improve the community in which employees work and live … that’s why it sponsors different sports & community events.


Project Info

Client: Medical Corp


Project url: http://www.medicalcorp.ro