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Process and Flux Management for The Official Gazette of Romania – 6th part

About the project:

This software application has transformed and fully digitised the workflow within “Regia Autonoma Monitorul Oficial” state institution. The system was designed to facilitate access to information about public contracts undertaken by the state.

With this software, the entire information content is managed by Administration staff through the management interface and the contracting authorities (municipalities, prefectures, state institutions) have access to the public information.

Finally, through the software’s automated procedures, all the information received are submitted for publication in printed by the printing press R.A.M.O.

Customer requirements:

Implementation of the project according to functionalities described in the specification notes.


– The application process of contracting authorities
– Designing the flow for collecting and validating the ads for public procurement
– Automate internal working procedures with ads (prepress, recovery, billing)
– Development of a financial reporting system
– Creating an interface for managing the system

Consultancy :

Step by step, through a close dialogue with the customer, we made a technical analysis and identified all the requirements of the future application. This resulted in a redesign of the internal information system architecture.

Given the complexity of the project we conducted an evaluation of all existing resources and we’ve developed a list of new resources that were to be added to the information system of the institution, paying due attention to every detail.

The resulted specification were written down and were then implemented by our team of designers and programmers.

UI / UX Design :

Based on the specifications, our team of designers have created a set of graphic layouts for each section of future application. Using the feedback from the customer, we optimised and improved the graphic layouts, ensuring that all requirements will be met.

The result was a user-friendly graphical interface, understandable to all end-users (both administrative employees and representatives of the contracting authorities).

Development & Testing :

We have developed a complex application, customised according to the customer’s needs.

Using jBPM we computerised the whole process of collecting and processing the ads (previously they were issued and received by fax or email) from picking up and validating the ads to generating the QuarkExpress files that were used for printing.

We built the new system based on a modular and flexible structure, with the clear intention of providing users an efficient and intuitive tool, but also to ensure the possibility of adding new functionalities in the future.

Production environment:

RedHat Enterprise Server, JBoss, Oracle

Technologies used:

J2EE, JBoss (Seam, jBPM, JBoss AS), EJB 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, Oracle 11g, Jasper Reports, Html/CSS, Adobe Flash