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Questo App – mobile and backend development

About the app

Questo is a real-life travel game, offering mission-like tours which you can play. By following clues and solving riddles, you discover new places around the world, while finding out their hidden stories. These are all part of what we call a ‘quest’, which are tours in form of missions of discovery that teleport you inside a fictional story where you’re the main character. These missions will take you to the must-see attractions in the places you visit around Europe.


Questo Mobile App

App Features

Questers like to describe the app as ‘a mix of treasure hunting, city guide, escape rooms, Amazing Race and urban challenges’.

Whether you’re a traveler or a local, you can find a quest that suits your interests. One day you can save a princess trapped in an ancient castle, the next one you travel to the year 3200 and protect the present. You can choose between outdoors quests in the city or indoor quests in castles, museums, villas and hundreds of other places.


questo app


How we helped Questo team

Our mobile and backend development team helped put into practice the designs and concept of the app. We received the UX/UI designs and just performed our magic coding in React Native for the mobile apps and in React JS, for the Backend part.


The app is free for download  for iOS and Android phones. Download it now for free:

download app for iPhonedownload app for Android

Project Info

Client: Questo

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Project url: https://www.questoapp.com