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Rental Software – booking system, rental management

About the project:

Rental Software is a product itself, a complex software application created to manage the entire process and flow of information within a company whose main activity consists in photo and video equipment rental, with warehouses in different cities.

Both the UI/UX and the development are based on a detailed technical analysis, performed together with the customer, following his concept and vision of the project.



Such a complex project needed, above all, a thorough technical analysis. The customer has given us from the start lots of detailed info about what he needed and requested from us a set of technical recommendations for the project (what technologies should we use, graphical interfaces, databases and user management. Most requirements and specifications, however, had poor descriptions. From a technical standpoint, the whole process of analysis of the project was divided into several areas of interest for a better understanding of the whole.

Step by step, each part was then examined and specifications have been described in detail and translated into technical documentation along with a set of flowcharts, data flow models and graphic interfaces. Along the way, many of these specifications have undergone radical transformations. Some were completely eliminated because they proved to be redundant or unnecessary. But new ones have emerged from the new requirements. Throughout the entire analysis, our team has provided a number of tips and suggestions for improving future project. Many of these were accepted by the customer immediately.

Thus, with every step, from a technical standpoint, everything become clear. The technical documentation from the analysis phase of the project was (and still is) more than a set of instructions for our designers and programmers.


Custom Software Development

Based on the technical documentation we delivered, the programmers developed the rental software that helped the customer in his everyday work process. Together we managed to improve radically his business and increased his activity and sales with 50%.

Integrated management for multiple rental warehouses, with the possibility for expansion:
When we stated the project, the client’s activity included three storage depots located in different cities in the Netherlands. The software application allows easy adding and configuring new warehouses. The inventory for all these warehouses is updated and synchronised automatically.

The software also generates invoices for the rented products:
The application automatically generates invoices and notifications for each rented equipment. The software’s administrator has provided us an with an extensive set of options for their management.

Integration with PayPal and Ideal electronic payment operators:
The payments for the rented equipment can be processed by bank or through PayPal and Ideal.



Our team has created an extensive set of sketches and graphic interfaces for each section in the software application, based on analysis and technical documentation.

Special visual effects with Adobe Flex technology: Using this framework allowed us to implement a comprehensive set of features and outstanding visual effects in the application interface.



Project Info

Client: Fryske Film Faktorij BV, The Netherlands

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