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Software for reporting to the EU the milk production from Romania


This application was developed for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Romania, following the order no. 445/2008 which requires that all milk collection centers and milk processors report regularly the price paid to producers and price at the factory gate.


  • Creating a management information system to manage the information provided by each milk processor (each one has a user account), with the posibility to edit and update information for each category of products.
  • Creating a flexible reporting system, according to the demands from the EU committee, enabling the addition of new or customised reports very easily
  • Making a weekly and monthly notification system for the delays in the reporting process
  • The development of a system of electronic archiving and storage of the reports history over time


Technical analysis and design of the informational system architecture: Step by step, through a close dialogue with the customer, we identified and detailed all the requirements of the future application. Given the complexity of the project we conducted an evaluation of all existing resources and we’ve developed a list of new resources that were to be added to the information system of the utility, paying due attention to every detail. The resulted specification were implemented by our teams of designers and programmers.

Together with representatives of the Ministry, we have given life to this project by creating a complex web application and working procedures that allowed collecting the required information from multiple locations in different parts of the country, their processing and issuing reports required by the EU commission.

UI/UX for the software:

Based on the specifications, our team of designers have created the UX and UI layouts for each section of the application. Using the client’s feedback, we have optimised and improved the graphic layouts ensuring that all requirements will be met.

The end result was an intuitive graphical interface, understandable to all end-users (both milk processors and ministry officials who were to issue reports to the EU).


  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • Adobe Flash

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Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania

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